About Me & This Site

Hi everyone!

I wanted to give you a little bit of background information about me as well as describe my plans for/ intentions with this blog. I’m a speech-language pathologist and augmentative communication/ assistive technology specialist providing home and community-based services to infants, toddlers, and adults and providing services in schools and skilled nursing facilities to children aged 3-22. I’m also currently completing an Assistive Technology certificate program through the University of Illinois at Chicago. I created this site as a resource for families of young children with disabilities as well as other healthcare/ education professionals who are looking for ideas, information, and support around early implementation of assistive technology. Initially, my hope is to use this site primarily as a resource for the families that I work with directly and as a way to share information with professionals from other disciplines who are on my clients’ teams. Because of this, the site is intended to be written in family-friendly, non-discipline-specific language and will largely focus on topics that are most applicable to my current clients. If there is a topic that I haven’t addressed that you’d like to see covered though, definitely feel free to reach out to me!

All the best,


Casey Bryn McCarthy, MS, CCC-SLP

P.S. Since I’m new to blogging and have worked primarily with children under 3 (who don’t independently navigate the internet), I’m still learning about website accessibility features. I’m working to make sure that my hyperlinked text is accessible via screen reader, my images have accessible descriptions and alt text, and that my font is appropriate in terms of size, contrast, and typeface and am researching other website accessibility modifications. If you encounter any accessibility issues with this website at any time, e-mail me at caseybrynmccarthy@gmail.com, and I will figure out how to fix them.